Past Events: Sol Sundays 2017

Sol Sundays is a yearly FREE health and wellness extravaganza brought to you by Sol Integrative Wellness and Partners! This collaboration is meant to bring the community together to celebrate well-being, life, music, and one another. This will be an opportunity to try out FREE yoga, fitness, bodywork, or health oriented treatments and products. We have hand-picked some of the best local businesses to participate in introducing you and your family to a lifestyle of health and wellness. There will be a raffle with wellness prizes to benefit the Santa Fe youth community. Raffle Prizes provided by: Santa Fe Spa, Body-UP, Green-Chef, Sol Wellness, Meow Wolf, and more! Sponsored by: Sol Integrative Wellness, Meow Wolf, The Santa Fe Reporter, School of Self Worldwide, Santa Fe House Collective, Praxis, Body-UP, The Santa Fe Spa, Yoga Santa Fe and others.

Sol Integrative Wellness Provided over 100 free treatments at the 2017 Sol Sundays Events!

At Sol Wellness our core philosophy is centered around personal empowerment.
We believe you must play an active part in your wellness to make a sustainable life changes to become the best version of you possible.
We are dedicated to giving you the information and tools you need to achieve this goal.
At Sol Wellness we believe in wellness as a lifestyle. We believe in a culture of community where we are a first name basis and we know and care about what you are experiencing in your life.
We believe in spending the extra time with you to truly understand your needs and help you understand your body.
We believe in participating in and organizing community events to bring awareness to those who are seeking a lifestyle of wellness.
We believe in collaboration; creative collaboration, healing collaboration, and community collaboration to achieve the goal of human evolution.
We are dedicated to  healing our planet one person at a time!

2017 Raffle with wellness prizes benefited Fathers New Mexico.

Raffle Proceeds went to :
Fathers New Mexico helps young men become great fathers. Fathers NM utilizes mentoring, teaching and group activities to establish trust and support with the fathers. The assistance they provide includes job placement, education, and connection with local services. FathersNM helps empower dads to be responsible healthy fathers, partners and community members. We connect with well over 150 dads a year and support positive     outcomes for the whole family. Raffle Prizes were provided by:
Ten Thousand Waves (gift certificate $100 value)
Santa Fe Spa (one month free $100 value)
Green-Chef (one month of meals 4 boxes with 3 recipes that each feed a family of 2 $400 value)
Sol Wellness (2 free treatments $200 value)
Meow Wolf (1 year family membership $200 value)

Pet Adoptions

The Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society will be present from 12-3pm with their pet adoption RV finding new homes for animals in need of a new family! Animals promote wellness though companionship and giving purpose to our lives in the form of caring for another being. Sol Sundays promoted the wellness of animals as well 2 pups found new homes on August 27th!


we gave out 50 free mats 2017 to promote wellness & stretching!

Sponsored by Tess Yong @ Inner Rhythm Movement Yoga,  Guruchander @ Yoga Santa Fe, Gurudarshan Khalsa, and Sneha Blue Yoga Boutique!

Bhakti Flow Yoga with Stephanie Shawn Lott of Thrive Santa Fe ( Vinyasa flow yoga is a great workout and will make you sweat! This practice builds a strong physical core and energetic core of compassion for anyone who is open to it.
Kundalini Yoga with Christopher Kundalini is for all ages and levels of practitioners and unifies the breath with the body and the will of the spirit.
Explore Movement with Tess Yong of Inner Rhythm Moving Yoga ( Allows your inner rhythm to move your body and experience ‘Union’ within through your rhythmic breath. You can feel the spiraling up and down of ‘Cosmic Energy’ moving through your spine. Your radiance, joy and love returning back to you through ‘Inner Rhythm Moving Yoga.

Live Painting and Art by Artists Aaron Kalaii and Gurudarshan Khalsa

Ongoing Workshops and Demos by:

School of Self Worldwide, The Praxis Lab, ANK Gym, MVMT Functional XFIT, Musculoskeletal Medicine of NM, CBDevotion, Glow Skin, Sacred Journeys Healing Arts, Body-Up, and More!

Free Acupuncture and Massage Tent by:

Sol Integrative Wellness

Healthy food options by Street Food Institute, Jambo Carribean Cuisine, Juicy Foods, and more !

DJs and Live Performances from 12pm-6pm

Veda ~ LA (DSSF)

Carla Lyn ~ ABQ/SF Bay (Vinyl Dreams/Disco Soldier/Celect SF)

13 Pieces ~ SFe (DSSF, Live Broadcast ~ w/ Special Guests

Adem Joel ~ SFe (Sounds Like PRIMAL!)

The Rev ~ ABQ (Depths of Heaven)

Grant Cameron~ ABQ (Musicesque, Depths of Heaven)

N8 ~ SFe (Santa Fe House Collective)

Xavier ~ SFe (Santa Fe House Collective)

Future Scars ~ SFe (Matron Records)

Dynamite Sol ~ SFe (CPR Crew)

Eldon ~ ABQ ( /

Chrystalline ~ Taos (LadyDJs)

JR Stacks Vinyl Set ~ SFe (DSSF,, Sumdays)

Justin Mayrant ~ SFe (DulcetCollective)

Max PF-FP ~ SFe (MeowWolf)

Sumdays Live Broadcast

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