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Dr. Nicole Barnard, DOM

Acupuncture, Herbology
Fertility Specialist
Women's Health

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Dr. Julie Grace, DN

Manual Therapy & Nutrition

NM Medical Board License #01015

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Kenji Tamashiro, NMT, CES, RYT, LMT

Deep Tissue, Swedish
Myofascial Release
Reiki + Acupressure

LMT# MT9553

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  • "I came to Dr. Grace without any previous experience with Naprapathic treatment. My posture is terrible and I have a lot of discomfort in my back and shoulders as a result. I had become so inured to constant pain that I believed it was a normal condition. After my first treatment I had relief from my shoulder pain that traditional massage and chiropractic medicine had never quite been able to address. I didn't know what it meant to feel good until I started to work with Dr. Grace. She is a strong, compassionate, and non-judgmental health care provider. She works with me to find solutions to my pain, and never makes me feel like a failure when I haven't adopted all of the wellness techniques that she gently teaches me with every treatment. Her care has given my quality of life an undeniable boost."

    ~Meghan (click to read more)

  • "Have you suffered from stress, physical pain or a lack of flexibility and mobility? Do you find yourself exhausted all the time, yet find it difficult to sleep, well I have. I am a police officer and my job is physically demanding, stressful and on numerous occasions an emotional roller coaster. For the longest time I suffered from back pain, shoulder pain and my whole body always felt locked up. I had a co-worker recommend I try Naprapathic treatments and I have never been the same since. It literally changed my life for the better! I get regular treatments from Dr. Julie Grace who specializes in Naprapathic medicine. Dr. Grace has improved my back pain, my shoulder pain and neck pain. She has increased my flexibility and mobility. I sleep better now, I am more relaxed, and my body overall feels brand new thanks to Dr. Grace. I always look forward to my next treatment. I highly recommend Naprapathic treatments to everyone. It truly feels like the fountain of youth."

    ~Paul (click to read more)

  • "Dr. Grace is attentive, knowledgeable, and very skilled at her profession. She has assisted me with both regular aches and pains, acute recovery from muscle and joint strains, as well as an on-going recovery from a severe hand injury. I highly recommend a consultation with her if you are going through anything from repetitive stress injuries to rehabilitation. She will be able to help!"

    ~Nate (click to read more)

  • "I've been going to see Dr. Julie Grace for almost a year now for pain throughout my back caused by a curvature in my spine. Each time I have a gone I gradually feel as if my muscles get a little less tense and I am more flexible . The alignment of my back has also improved along with a drastic decrease in pain. She is also very knowledgeable about stretching techniques which have helped me manage pain. When I can not get in to see Dr. Julie Grace for a couple weeks I feel much more tension in my lower back from daily routines. Julie has very positive and caring energy! Truly a talented healing person."

    ~Sara (click to read more)

  • After many years of living with chronic gut conditions, I finally turned a true corner in healing thanks to the extraordinary care of Dr. Gina Morishige at Sol Wellness. With her help I was finally able to quit the purple pill, enjoy eating again, and establish a far superior quality of life. Treating at Sol is a pleasure thanks to the staff as well as the atmosphere. If you are at your wit’s end and don’t know where else to turn, go to Sol. If you’re not yet that bad off, they will make sure you never have to get to that point. Couldn’t recommend Dr. Gina more highly.

    ~Deb (click to read more)

  • Peaceful and Healing Environment. A very nice building conveniently located. Kendall has hands of a very wise practitioner. I'm very happy with results so far.

    ~Jack (click to read more)

  • Dr Julie Grace at Sol Wellness has been exceptional in helping improve my physical state of being. She is extremely knowledgeable and has been able to pinpoint underlying issues in my body and suggest helpful exercises in order to address these issues for me. I have noticed substantial positive improvement after the relatively few visits I have made so far. Great atmosphere, highly recommended!

    ~Vincent (click to read more)

  • My new favorite place in SF for acupuncture and massage. After trying several places in town I stumbled upon Sol, and I'm glad I did. The amount of stress I've put on my body these last few months has been immense, and I appreciate Julie and her staff's knowledge and skill in helping me to repair both the acute and chronic issues that I've been dealing with. On top of the treatments they offer, they seem to have genuine concern for your health and wellbeing. I can't recommend them enough.

    ~Felix (click here to read more)

  • As a mover we put some pretty intense strain and load on our bodies. As such therapy and recovery is key. Julie at Sol Wellness has played a vital role in helping our crew repair and rebuild our bodies while also implementing new techniques to avoid future strain and damage. Wonderful atmosphere, great therapists, can't recommend them enough.

    ~Zen Movers (click here to read more)

  • Thank you Dr.'s Gina and Julie for your amazing selves! You are never shy to educate around Naprapathy and Acupuncture, and both of you shared your wisdom and knowledge freely. I felt met and heard, while clear in knowing that my body is an amazing vessel that is divinely made to heal itself. I am thankful to take responsibility for my own process in my health and wellness, and appreciated both of you encouraging my active role in this. I am absolutlely amazed and truly proud of you Dr. Juli Grace. You made your dream come true and you now own an amazing clinic staffed with an incredibly talented array of therapists and providers. You all have created a relaxing and healing environment, and I love how you show up and support community. Bravo!!

    ~Heather (click here to read more)

  • I wouldn't be walking if it wasn't for these highly skilled ladies. Life savers all.

    ~Sean (click here to read more)

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